How To Import Cars From Japanese Used Car Auctions

Japanese used car auctions presents themselves as excellent places for you to search and find high performance Japanese manufactured cars for low prices. Very often, you can find thousands of quality used cars such as Supra, Silvia, GTR or Skyline in good condition. Question here is how to import the cars from Japanese used car auctions.

The process of importing a Japanese car from a used car auction in Japan does require some effort and work on your part. As such, you really have to consider your options carefully. Why do you want to import a car from Japan when you may be able to find it back at the used car dealership?

Very often, the common reasons quoted by importers back in US, Australia and Canada are:

1. They cannot find the car model back where they live.

2. Importing the used cars is much cheaper. You can save a couple thousand dollars that way.

3. Buying the Japanese used cars and then reselling them for huge profits.

If you can identify with the above, then the following information would be useful to you when you import cars from Japanese used car auctions.

The first step is to locate a Japanese car exporter who can represent you at the used auto auctions in Japan. These are your sales agents who would view the thousands of cars at the auctions and help you to find the exact car models and makes you want.

One of the most popular and highly recommended exporters is J-Cars”. They have been reputed to be able to sniff out the best auto deals and have a good sense of how to find high performance vehicles in good working condition.

Normally, the exporters would check out your requirements and then send you photographs and other relevant information about the car you are looking for. If you want some assurance, you can request for an inspection to be done for around $250 to 300.

Once you are ready to bid, you just liaise with your agent and let them place your bids at the Japanese used car auctions. When you win, the agents would then fax or wire the documents you need to register and import the car or cars. Their job as your exporter cum sales agent pretty much ends there when they get your cars onto the freight vessel.

From that point onwards, you need to be fully aware of what you should do as an importer. You need to know what are the rules and regulations involving the process to import the cars before you even buy them from Japanese used car auctions. This is key to the whole procedure.

This is the summary of the entire process of buying and importing a car from Japan. Sounds straightforward but there are fine details you need to know at each step of the way.

You can always pick up a guide at my car blog to learn in full step-by-step details on how to buy and import cars from Japanese used car auctions.

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