All This Land Rover Gear And Not A Car In Sight!

Finding the right present for the man in your life can be a time consuming exercise. Especially if it appears the person in question has everything they need. They have the stereo, the MP3 player, the digital camera and the games console. What else do they need? An interesting and fruitful approach to buying presents is to look at accessories; things that tie in with items a person already has.

This approach to buying presents can be applied to most things; clothes, games, music but one area that is surprisingly good is that of auto accessories. Whereas a few years ago an auto accessory would have meant a litre of oil or a pair of gloves, today it encompasses so much more. One only has to look at the range of Land Rover gear that is now available to see the possibilities.

Motor sports have never been so popular. Spurred on by the success of drivers and riders like Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi, interest in all things car and bike related has soared. A whole new industry has grown up around Formula 1 and Motor GP to cater for the demand in accessories, memorabilia and official products. And it’s not just the big names in the world of motorsport that are getting involved.

This lucrative market has been seized upon by most major car manufacturers who see it not only as a good way of making money but as a way to get extra publicity and get there brand onto the high street. The marketing potential is huge when you think of it in those terms. Land Rover is one such car manufacturer and the range of Land Rover gear is surprisingly eclectic.

There are the obvious items in the Land Rover gear range; seat covers, lamp guards, mud flaps and tow bars. These are aimed at the person who likes to take care of their vehicle and wishes to make a few amendments and refinements to make the vehicle their own, to give it a personal touch. But there are also hundreds of items that are not so obviously auto related.

The demand for cute, useful or even bizarre gadgets has grown in recent years. We’re all used to carrying around mobile phones and MP3 players so we’re now a bit more tech and gadget savvy than previous generations. As a result the range of portable gadgets has moved from the domain of camping shops or hardware stores and entered mainstream shopping and the high street.

Gadgets in the Land Rover gear range include compasses, thermometers, torches and radios. The history of Land Rover is entwined with the great outdoors, travel and adventure and the gadgets and gizmos that are part of the merchandise on sale take this into account. You could probably stock up on most of the items you need for a camping trip just by looking at Land Rover gear!

Perhaps the area of officially endorsed products related to the auto industry and car manufacturers that has grown most is that of clothing. Big names like Triumph, Jaguar and Porsche have seen the potential of getting their logo onto an item of clothing and having someone advertise their product almost without being aware of the fact. Items such as polo shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts and jackets are now common place in car showrooms and high street shops. For Land Rover gear it’s no different.

As well as all these relatively affordable items manufacturers have started to develop ideas based around the luxury and exclusive market. Demand for collectible and more expensive items is equally as strong as other items and die cast models, prints and jewellery are now available from most big dealers.

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