Led Chip User Experience On The Use

With the National Semiconductor Lighting Project started, LED upstream industry has been rapid development, which the chip industry's most compelling. LED industry chain including the production of LED epitaxial wafers, led the production of chips, LED chips, packaging and product applications led to four links. The technical content of which the maximum wafer, chip times. However, domestic enterprises are mainly concentrated in the lower reaches of the package is not very high tech area, and the upper and middle areas began only in recent years the development of the domestic supply capacity of LED chips can not meet the current needs, but also must import large quantities. The face of industry has brought great opportunities and challenges, how should we view LED chip technology trends? How can it successfully entered the era of high intensity? How to maintain the sustained and healthy Chinese LED chip industry, the rapid development? Problems faced by our comprehensive analysis of LED chips, interviews industry experts to explore the development of the industry trends, talk about what they learned on the use of LED chips.

Problems faced by our comprehensive analysis of LED chips, interviews industry experts to explore the development trend of the industry, talk about what they learned on the use of LED chips.

I think that when the LED selection, focusing on the same luminous flux should be even more concerned about the LED chip Vf values, while LED's thermal resistance is critical to determine the parameters of its life, of course, the actual use of LED in the process of stability and consistency before is a measure of an important indicator of the level of LED technology. LED makers should be more thoroughly resolve the internal LED chip technology, will allow users to understand the product features in detail, in order to better applications. Currently on the market after another LED package, the user replace the LED's also have to consider the cost of new designs, manufacturers design products in the future, should consider certain aspects of versatility. Similarly, different chip packaging technology, will result in radically different results, introduce new packaging technology continues to improve the LED performance and efficiency, without proof of the new technology over time, is how to ensure its stability? And how in a short time users acceptable? The problem is we have been thinking.

Southern Taiwan Science Park, Guangzhou Electronic Planning / Business Manager Changing for Agriculture: (chip actually quite different parameters and the nominal parameters)

I think that the chips produced in Taiwan, although visibility is not high enough, but still worth the cost to our choice of words. When chip manufacturers currently exists between the actual parameters and nominal parameters of a larger hope that it will be improved greatly. LED chip manufacturers do not necessarily bigger the better, the key is to 1, better value for money; 2 indicators meet the requirements; 3, stable performance. These are our customers choose to use an important factor.

Super hot sales manager Pei: want manufacturers to quickly introduce high luminous efficiency and low cost chips

We rate the company uses heat and Career Nichia chips, the main reasons for their selection is of high value products, light effects, but high prices have been on the embarrassing things we hope that manufacturers can ensure the quality of the premise , fast to market with high optical efficiency and low cost chips, and can be quickly applied to products with the manufacturers to provide solutions.

Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. Guangzhou original head _ Tang Yingjie: (choose chips will be special emphasis on product quality and reputation)

We generally use wafer Taiwan, Korea Semiconductor, the United States cree chips, models generally have 5050,3014,3528 and so on. Cost-effective when we have chosen this perspective, to cite a simple example, the United States cree chip, good quality, big power, but the price is relatively high, some customers in the budget because the price was forced to abandon the use of the chip. However, when we choose to chip special emphasis on product quality and reputation, although the price is also an important reason, however, the different procurement sources to ensure that these have some room for downward adjustment, so quality is the priority to be considered. Hope that the LED manufacturers can improve the technology so that procurement costs.

Guangdong Delos Lighting Yang, deputy chief engineer and good: (LED light effect continuously improve and better promote the development of LED lighting)

We have been using the Career of the chip, because its stability is better, but the price is relatively high, there is reflected in a trial of its tightness is not good enough, that is, that a package may still have to improve. Hope that the LED chip factory and sellers to give us more support, but also hope to continuously improve the efficiency LED light, LED lighting to promote faster development.

Yu Yuguang Electric (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Sun engineers _ Jiang Zhi: (LED luminous efficiency, high color rendering index is a key factor in choice)

CREE, Nichia, East shell-type chip with excellent brand of guaranteed quality, but priced rather high. When we choose not only focus on optimistic LED chip light-emitting efficiency, high color rendering index, and will pay particular attention, Tj / Ta and the relationship between luminous efficiency and the LED of the Resistance. LED chip makers hope to upgrade later from the effects of light, color index, reduce the cost of three to consider, develop and produce more and better products for our use.

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