Delray Certified Toyota Dealers Offer Benefits Of Used Cars

With every decision come advantages and disadvantages. Take buying a car. Opting for a new car certainly has its benefits including the latest and the greatest amenities, lower maintenance costs and high-tech, and sometimes unnecessary, gadgets. Plus, who can resist that new car smell? The downside, however, is that that new car smell fades away almost as fast as the car’s resale value. In addition to the cost of depreciation, new cars will inevitably have a higher price tag and higher insurance rates than a used car.

On the flip side, used cars certainly have their advantages and disadvantages, however many of the drawbacks of used cars can be avoided. Buying a used car has its risks since you don’t know how reliable the car is and how much you will end up paying in maintenance and repair. But just a few minutes of simple research can steer you toward the best used car and all of its benefits.

Low Cost

New cars are certainly more expensive than used cars. One cost-consuming burden that new car buyers face is the thousands of dollars in state sales tax that new car buyers are forced to pay and used car buyers are exempt from paying. Add in a new car’s depreciation rate which averages to 15%-20% per year will often be one of the costliest expenditures that used car buyers avoid. Just a couple of years ago, the average used car buyer paid $25,536 less than the average new car buyer with the average cost of a usedcar costing just $8,244. This amount of money would likely limit new car shoppers to a small, two-door car with a manual transmission and no air conditioning.

Certification Programs

Used car consumers are eligible for new car quality with certified pre-owned (CPO) cars. CPO cars undergo a 100-point inspection which determines whether cars are worthy of certifying based on a series of harsh mechanical and cosmetic analyses. Toyota is one of the industry-leaders when in comes to certification programs. Of the many advantages offered at your Delray certified Toyota dealer is a 12-month/12,000-mile comprehensive warranty, 1-year road assist and 7-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty.


Many could agree that when it comes to buying a car, safety is one of the most important features. But some safety features are not fundamental for each driver. Palm Beach Gardens used car drivers and other residents that don’t have to deal with snowy roads and slick, ice-covered streets won’t benefit much at all with all-wheel drive which will only cost them more money and decrease gas mileage. And sure, xenon and adaptive headlights emit more light than your traditional headlights, but they shine well beyond a driver’s eyesight and can actually interfere with the vision of oncoming traffic. Bottom line, the difference between essential safety features in a new car and a used car is not substantial.

All things considered, it’s hard to justify buying a new car over a used car. Used vehicles available at your certified Toyota dealer offer class-leading incentives, lower initial costs and safety comparable to, if not identical to, that of new cars. New cars smell great, yes, but their inviting smell and shiny coat of paint are trumped by the many benefits of a used car purchase.

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