Carbon Fiber Body Kits And Polyurethane Body Kits

So you have decided that your car looks great but more than that it has the potential to look like an utterly smashing beauty. And you can’t wait to let your creative juices start to flow as you plan how you will change the contours of your car and how you will bring in an exciting new color scheme for your car. You may also be planning to add some performance enhancing products such as a car spoiler which will make your drive more stable at high speeds. It certainly is fun to do up your car and the excitement is quite understandable.

But you must do things in the right order and not let the excitement make you take decisions in haste as you are impatient to give your car the dream look. Otherwise though you may still have a car of your dreams but other issues that you did not consider may make the effort less than the best possible. Therefore you should start at the right place while making your choices. And the first thing to decide is the material for your body kit. You have two very popular options one are the carbon fiber body kits and the other is the polyurethane body kits. Each of these materials has its own advantage and you can chose the one that suits your needs better.

Carbon fiber body kits are light and strong. Therefore if you are concerned about the additional weight and how that might impact the performance of your car then you should opt for them. They are high tech and look very cool. Specially if you are going to add a lot of components then you should go for them because for any other material that will mean a lot of additional weight on your car.

Polyurethane body kits have a great finish and visual appeal. They are also able to withstand minor dents and scratches which enables them to give you lasting value. They are heavier than carbon fiber body kits and therefore are not ideal for high performance cars. But if the additional weight is not a major concern for you they are a great choice. You can see the latest body kits at

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