New Cars V/s Used Cars

It is a actuality that for half the value of the new cars you can end up shopping for a three- or four-year-old used car that has more benefits than a new car (the new cars are more costly so you might not be competent to purchase a totally loaded unit in a shoe string price range). However, acquiring a used car is not devoid of its own pitfalls. These challenges may be hefty on the pocket and on your life too. You are getting a car that has been used by someone prior and you have no idea of how it has been driven and how well it has been taken care of. A used car will entail you to dole out bucks earlier for fixing than a new car. Another thing to note is that these car repairs will not be protected under car warranty.

Shopping for new cars is a large investment, but it has many positive aspects. Some of them can be seen as follows –

Make a selection

When acquiring new cars you have far more mobility of choice. You can consider large number of cars that blend in your needs and price range. You have the advantage of test driving them all, determine the colour you want, add all the functions you want, choose the interiors like the covers you want, improve the audio system and put high-tech gizmos such as a communication, entertainment or navigation system.

The seller will see to it that your choice is supplied. If perhaps you cannot find what you want in the showroom the dealer will make a special-order for your proper standards. In this case you will not have to compromise with your expectations from a car.

Effective resale benefit

Mostly depreciation forms the reason why people prefer to buy used cars instead of new cars. But vehicles in high demand have higher value. New cars that are purchased for more than the dealer’s list price shows that they have stronger resale values and less depreciation. There are some brands in the market like Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen that have lower depreciation rate and stronger resale values as they are more trustworthy. Even if you may not be bothered of the depreciation factor initially, but it will seep in a few years down the line when you consider selling the car and buying a new car.

Better Finance Rates

Even if a used car charges less than a new car, on applying for a bank loan the interest rate is greater for a used car than a new car. You would not get limited, low-interest financing or a cash rebate as these are perks to boost potential customers to buy new cars. Also you may end up having to pay for higher rate of interest on loans for used cars.

Regardless of which car you pick whether used cars or new cars be sure to analyze the car reviews for it. This will help you make a good selection.

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