Lake Cumberland Kentucky

Most native south-central Kentuckians are familiar with the benefits the Indiana and Ohio Navy bring to the small towns surrounding , Lake Cumberland. Typically as soon as the mercury hits the mid-eighties, they start rolling into town with their classy SUVs and fantastic speed-boats. If you ask some of the old-timers” if the area has always been such a tourist hot spot, they will tell you no for sure. They might even tell of a relative who aided in the sequence of events that lead to the impressive lake.

Costing $80.4 million in 1950, Lake Cumberland was constructed to not only alleviate flooding but also as means to produce hydroelectric power. With a shoreline like none other of 1,085 miles, the lake spans 50,250 acres. Temperatures from June to September are perfect for a variety of leisurely activities. At the start of summer the water is the mid-seventies and tops off in August at around eight-four degrees. Imagine taking the pontoon out in July on a classic Kentucky summer day. Will you sit in the captain’s chair and cruise the lake or is it more your speed to anchor somewhere and enjoy the soft waves while floating on a tube? Launching a water craft of any kind off of one of Lake Cumberland’s many boat ramps is for any summer-time enthusiast.

During the summer months Lake Cumberland sees no shortage of watercraft or shortage of variety. In the course of one voyage” on the lake one might see luxury houseboats, runabouts, speed or powerboats, jet skis, pontoons, and the lone fishing boat anchored in a quiet cove. A passerby might encounter any number of vehicles while on the lakebe prepared to wave! There is something about being on the lake that brings out hospitality in visitors both local and tourists. The lake is notorious for its scenic beauty, do not be surprised when a bright speed boat whizzes by with a skier pulled by rope who appears to paying more attention to the green hills and occasional hawk. It is all part of the atmosphere of Lake Cumberland. Then there is tubing! Tubing is a sport all in itself. A nice long rope tied to an inner tube then secured to a powerboat will provide any dare devil the ride of their life. To obtain the greatest high of all, choice in driver (of the boat) makes all the difference.

In addition to a variety of water sports, the Lake Cumberland area offers a variety of hiking and camping opportunities. Specifically Lake Cumberland State Park has much to offer all in one location. There you can stay in the lodge, rent a cottage, or campI suppose it all depends on how much luxury you need. The state park has a four mile loop trail that has many spectacular views of the lake as winds through the beech, hickory, and oak forests. The other trail is one and half miles long one way and boasts of much of the same including a variety of wildlife. Lake Cumberland State Park is also the home of a fantastic restaurant, a nice golf course, and of course Lake Cumberland State Dock where houseboats are rented. If you have a few days to spare and need something to do I would recommend that you visit Lake Cumberland.

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