Auto Lift Equipment At A Glance

Auto lift equipment makes the lifting of automobiles and other heavy material easy and quick. They are used to lift heavy objects to higher ground and they make the servicing of heavy vehicles easy. They are often seen in warehouses, garages, ports, construction sites and other such places where heavy lifting is a general requirement.

There are a wide variety of automotive tools and equipment available these days. New and improved ones are being created as well. The number of automotive equipment distributors are also on the rise as the requirement for such machines is also increasing. The equipment is sold online too.

Different Kinds of Auto Lift Equipment

Some Of The Common Auto Lift Contraptions Used Are:

* Hydraulic Lifts: These are the most commonly found auto lift equipment. These lifts use hydraulic power to create the lifting motion. They are quite often seen in auto repair service centers and warehouses to lift heavy goods to higher ground. Many a time, they are manned from the ground. They consist of a zigzag leg with a platform on top. This platform is where the goods are placed. Sometimes, for security reasons, there will be a railing along the sides to prevent accidents from happening. Due to their scissor like leg (or arm) they are also called scissor lifts.

* Drive on Lifts: These are lifts that are attached to a drivable vehicle. The platform is mounted onto a vehicle which moves from place to place as required.

* Runway Auto Lifts: These are usually hydraulic lifts which are mounted to four posts. They are generally used in garages to align wheels or to do work underneath the vehicle. The vehicle wheels rests on the runways with the belly clearly visible so that the work can be done easily.

* Bumper Air Lifts: this use air power to create the lifting action. They are generally used to lift the ends of heavy trucks and trailers. They usually have a capacity to lift objects which weigh up to ten tons.

* Motorcycle Lifts: These auto lifts are used to raise motorcycles to higher ground. They come in different weight capacities. They have a pneumatic design and are highly reliable.

* In-Ground Lifts: These are quite commonly seen in garages all over the world. They are placed below the garage floor and can be lifted up as required by the flip of a switch. The number of pistons they contain will depend on the weight of the vehicle they need to raise.

Availability of Accessories

Other than auto lifts, the auto equipment distributor also supplies items like automotive accessories, wheel alignment equipment like Hunter wheel alignment, tire changers, break lathes, wheel balancers, and headlight aimers.

The invention of auto lift equipment and accessories has made it much easier to fix and service vehicles. There is no need for garage workers to lie for hours under the vehicle. Now they can hoist the vehicle up and stand under it and carry out the work much more easily. Lifting of heavy goods to higher ground has also been rendered easy with such inventions.

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