Comparing The Used Lexus Suv Rx300

The Lexus RX300 is the most sought after luxury SUV and with good reason. This model is so popular today because it is now very affordable and continues to stand the test of time in performance, reliability, and design. But with 5 years of models to choose from, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the year model that you’ll enjoy the most.

One of the greatest benefits of buying used is that consumers have the opportunity to see how various year models performed after being road tested in every day life. The longer a model is in production, the more time that carmakers have to respond to consumer feedback and perfect the model. In this article, we’ll look at the variations and recalls for each of the RX300 model years to help you choose the right used Lexus SUV.

Lexus RX300 – 1999
The RX300 is the original Lexus SUV and the one that the public instantly fell in love with. Lexus doesn’t consider the RX300 an “SUV,” but a crossover vehicle; something between a luxury auto and an SUV. In fact, the low range gearing of the RX300 makes this used Lexus SUV more of an “all weather, on road” wagon as opposed to an off-roading style SUV. For a used SUV with true off-roading power, Lexus offers the LX470.

Recalls for this 1999 model
Exterior lights (2006): Certain CK Motorsports exterior lights sold as replacement lamps for are not equipped with amber side reflectors fail to conform to federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 108
Headlights (1999): The headlights and taillights may not automatically illuminate in low ambient light when the headlight switch is placed in the “auto” position.
Brake Tube (1999): If one of the dual brake lines fails when the driver applies the brake, the vehicle will feel unstable

Lexus RX300 – 2000
The 2000 year model Lexus SUV RX300 is very similar to the 1999 version in both design and performance. In fact the only difference you’ll find in the year 2000, is a trailer hitch. You may find some 2000 used model Lexus SUVs with a satellite based navigation system as this was an optional add-on for this year.

Recalls for this 2000 model
Exterior lights (2006): see 2006 exterior light recall for 1999 models.

Lexus RX300 – 2001
You’ll find lots of new features on the 2001 used Lexus SUV. 2001 is the year that Lexus focused on additional safety with features like a vehicle skid control, a brake assist feature, a 3-point center rear seatbelt, and child safety seat anchors. Other improved features on the 2001 year used Lexus SUV are an alloy spare wheel (earlier used Lexus SUV models will have a steel spare wheel), an enlarged fuel tank, and a redesigned grill. You’ll find some different options when comparison shopping the 2002 used Lexus SUV as well, such as all black leather trim, a wood steering wheel and gearshift knob, and heated seats with dual warmth levels. Earlier year models of the RX300 Lexus SUV also have heated seats, but offer only one heat setting.

Recalls for this 2001 model
Exterior lights (2006): see 2006 exterior light recall for 1999 models.

Lexus RX300 – 2002
With so many changes in 2001, Lexus made only a few minor adjustments in 2002. In the year 2002 used Lexus SUV you’ll find all of the improved 2001 features along with an improved navigation system. The navigation system in the 2002 used Lexus SUV includes the ability to calculate multiple routes, has simplified graphics, and allows you to preview routes. Also added to this year’s used Lexus SUV is a faster computer and a dashboard screen for playing movies.

Recalls for this 2002 model
Exterior lights (2006): see 2006 exterior light recall for 1999 models.

Lexus RX300 – 2003
The 2003 used Lexus SUV is identical to the 2002 used SUV, aside from being manufactured one year later. By 2002, Lexus had worked out the kinks in the RX300 design, added features in response to customer feedback, and successfully grew the RX300 into a top selling vehicle. You won’t find an RX300 used Lexus SUV beyond the year 2003. In 2004, Lexus concentrated on the RX330, the successor of the RX300.

Recalls for this 2003 model
Exterior lights (2006): see 2006 exterior light recall for 1999 models.

Those in the market for a used Lexus SUV will find the RX300 to be a strong model and a great value. The classic styling gives any year of this SUV a look that remains stylish and attractive today. Recalls are very few for the Lexus SUV, with 4 of the 5 models being recalled only for replacement lights. Today, Lexus is still on the cutting edge of SUV design with its introduction of the RX400h, first hybrid SUV, in 2005. Best of all, any used model Lexus SUV has proven to stand the test of time in performance and reliability.

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