Ford Heavy Duty Trucks For Sale

The first generation model were built in the year 1994 2004 which includes the F 250 and F 350 super duty trucks. The engines used in this Heavy Duty Trucks offer 6.0 L power by V 8 and 7.3 L power by V 8 engines. They have both transmission comprising 5 and 6 both manual and automatic. The first generation Heavy Duty Trucks offer you three options for Standard, Super Cab and the Crew Cab. The standard cab is available for 2 3 passengers and with 2 doors, Super can offers 2 smaller doors and can accodomate 5 6 people and the last Crew Cab offers accodomation for 5 6 people and has full sized four doors.

The Ford’s Heavy Duty Trucks for sale were specially design for the diesel trucks for sale. There were many changes made when compared to the first generation trucks in the interior as well as its exterior, its engine and other components to make it more advanced. Ford was the only company who was more in manufacturing the Heavy Duty Trucks and hence the further generation’s trucks offer more hauling and towing capacity. The changes like advanced high quality brakes, thicker frame, higher amplitude, and good quality transmission. They have amazing towing capacity, so carrying heavy goods and other raw materials is very easy.

As the technology advanced there were several changes made and the transmission were available in 2 namely M6OD with 6 manual speed along with the Torque level of 5 RW 110 5 speed automatic. As these are huge in towing the good capacity, the demands for the Heavy Duty Trucks for sale are on rise. The engine place in the trucks is much improved and hence the functioning of the brakes is amazing. The engine suspension and the towing capacity they have boost the various models in the heavy trucks manufacture by the Ford. The introduction of the power stroke engines have helped them to pick up trucks for sale the amazing speed.

In the year 2008, the second generation was modified and hence the third generation included more advanced features with amazing designs and styles. The power stroke 8 engines delivers 6.4 L tank in the F 250, F 450 and F 350 in Heavy Duty Trucks. The exteriors and the body were little modified and they introduced the Rapid Heat Supplement Cab Heater which offers the automatic speed transmission in the Heavy Duty Trucks. The use of this heater has helped the engines of the trucks to be in colder months.

The Ford 450 is one of the best Heavy Duty Trucks with amazing hauling capacity and can weigh around 33 00 lb and towing capacity up to 24 500lb. the base price of the ford F 450 is $ 27, 000 and the diesel model is available at $ 45, 000 as it offers two wheel drive depending upon trim options available in the engines. The model offers you three engines styles 5.4 L V8 delivers 300 hp @ 5000 rpm, 6.8 L V 10 delivers 362 hp @ 4750 rpm and 6.4 L V8 turbo Diesel delivers 350 hp @ 3000 rpm. The toughest competitors of Ford for Heavy Duty Trucks are Chevrolet trucks and Dodge trucks, but still Ford has maintained its position on top.

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