Peterbilt Trucks

Peterbilt trucks are the name which is offering intense utility providing feature of trucking. This is the name which has made a revolution in the trucking industry. The company is having unique and distinct identity and is having the superior class of manufacturing which makes the trucking zone more of the focusing. Here is the history and the progress of Peterbilt trucks.

The Origin

The company was started in 1939 and since then the company has added multitude models of Class 5 and Class 8 Trucks which are considered as the best possible models of heavy duty trucks. In the initial stages, the founder Peterbilt started the manufacturing device and started forming the heavy duty truck models. Seven members were the starters and founders of this company and they ultimately created a history in the trucking industries. Heavy Duty trucks were the focus of these manufacturers and to acquire the best possible manufacturing unit, the company was sold to PACCAR. This was the real turning point and thereafter the manufacturing device was widened and the heavy duty trucks were manufactured by this company.

In 1960, the company was enlarged and was extended to 1, 76,000 square feet manufacturing unit in Newark. The company also registered patent to the products and they registered the parent firm with the retaining of own product line.

The area of production

Peterbilt Company is having wider range of truck manufacturing. They are experts in Aerodynamic trucks, Traditional models, Hybrid models, Medium Duty trucks and Vocational models. These sections are also divided in different kinds and styles of productions. Peterbilt trucks are having the best possible models of trucks. Some of the most popular models of trucks are the models of 389, 388, 587, 386 and 384. These trucks are having varieties of front and rear suspensions and increase in the load bearing capacity of trucks. The area of production is quite impressive and impulsive at the site. The area of production is truly wider and wiser option for making Peterbilt trucks.

The PACCAR engines

The features of PACCAR engines are having highlighted functionality. The engines of PACCAR are quite stronger and are having aggressive efficiencies. These engines are enriched with 6 cylinder options and four valves enhancing the performance of the engines and trucks. The engines of PACCAR are having the latest system of Common Rail Fuel System which makes the trucks more quality conscious. The power to weight ratio is quite impressive in these PACCAR engines. These engines are the world’s leading producers of Horsepower, torque, payload capacities, and enhanced performances. The weight of these engines is quite lighter and the engines are quite impressive for making the trucks more reliable for the truck enthusiastic.

The Peterbilt trucks are the subsidiary company of PACCAR engines and are having all the benefits that makes these trucks more inspiring and demanding. Have greater trucking with Peterbilt trucks.

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