Where To Find Old Chevy Trucks For Sale Online

There is a strong bond between old Chevy Truck owners and there rides There are additional old Chevy trucks for sale all the time. Collectors from all around the nation are refurbishing these classic trucks and man, aren’t they gorgeous! Why are the late 60’s, and early 70’s currently favorite year of old Chevy trucks for sale and old chevys being restored? Maybe it is the memories of dad or grandpas old work truck that is driving a bit of it, but I am going to say it probably has more to do with unique style of these old Chevy trucks. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular years of old Chevy trucks for sale right now.

If you enjoy watching old trucks, there are lots of videos showcasing some pretty nice old chevy trucks on youtube

The following describes the old chevy trucks from 69-72

1969 was a good year for the old chevy trucks In 1969 the Chevy 350 cid V8 was first offered, this is what made this year so memorable. Although the Chevy 350 small block is still produced in Mexico today, its last production run in the US was 2002. The funny thing is this is one engine size you will find cut across manufacturers lines being available in GM and Ford model vehicles. The K-5 Blazer was introduced this year as well.

Next we look at the 1970 modelThe grille was one small difference between ’69 and ’70. Other then that, there was very little change.

Trim options where one thing Chevy opted to increase, otherwise, the overall look is relatively the same in ’71The looks were very slightly upgraded, the padding in the seats were increased, and some additional trim. If you wanted a FM radio in the truck, 1971 was the first year Chevy offered this option.

The 72′ model was also not altered very much. A little wood grain for the interior of some models and a repositioned rear view mirror is about all there is to report for 1972. This concludes my short overview of the late 60’s and early 70’s old Chevy trucks for sale. I have been restoring old Chevy trucks for sale for over 10 years, and am currently posting as much information as I can at my Old Trucks For Sale blog. There you will find the complete article on collecting old trucks, as well as useful resources for locating deals on old Chevy trucks for sale, as well as researching the value of your truck.

When you consider restoring an old Chevy truck it is important to know exactly what you can put in one and retain the value of an original classic. Knowing in 1971 the bolt hole pattern for a light duty truck changed from six hole to five could be very advantageous.

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