New York Used Cars Competition Sees Honda Come Out On Top

What’s old or new and good all over?
A Honda on the Best of the Best list for value retention.
Most new cars lose at least 47 percent of their worth within three years. That’s why those of us who are savvy, or who drive cars for ten years at a time, look for cars that keep their value over the long haul. Buyers of New York used cars can find that at a Honda dealer.
The Best-of-the-Best list is compiled from the Annual Auto Survey which tallies subscribers’ responses on approximately 1.4 million vehicles. The vehicles are then divided into nine different categories and the top choices are given some kudos, well deserved since they come from the owners who drive them every day.
When you’re looking for the right Staten Island used car price be sure to look at the Honda models that made this list. New or used, they will provide the best value for years to come.
In the Small Cars category, Honda Civic and Civic Hybrid ranked at the top of the list, followed by the Honda Fit for its antilock brakes, curtain air bags, electronic stability control and, of course, its hybrid-ness.
The Family car category was dominated by Honda Accord, touted as agile and quiet. Upscale cars, the Acura TSX and Acura TL ranked second and third, proving that Honda has made great strides in its high-end car market. The Acura RL was a fourth-place finish in the Luxury car category.
When it comes to sporty, Honda is right in there with a second place finish for its Honda S2000, described as a hardcore roadster. Small SUVs as the Honda CR-V dominating, with a four-cylinder and great fuel economy, it has been tops in the crossover market.
Customers of New York used cars will appreciate that the Honda Pilot finished first in the Midsized and Large SUVs category. Very roomy, with seating for eight, and getting great mileage, the Pilot also had high crash-test results, something all of us with families put at the top of the list. The Acura MDX also made the list.
And yet another group of vehicles, Minivans, has Honda at the top. The Honda Odyssey, with lots of space and easy handling impressed owners. Oh, and do I hear Honda being called out again for number one? Yes in the Pickup trucks category the Honda Ridgeline with its smooth driving and a cabin that’s easy to get into.
In short, that Staten Island used car price deal should definitely include a Honda. There are so many values to choose from that buyers of new or used vehicles will be able to find the perfect ride.

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